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The art of escape



This program, through a collaboration with storyteller Luca Scarlini, discloses the gentleness and levity proper Chopin through a narration of some episodes of his life and the analysis of his stylistic language. In this series Maurizio Carnelli is going to reproduce some of Chopin's Waltzes, Mazurkas, and Preludes in chronological order, accompanied by Scarlini’s storytelling. 


  • Polacca in sol minore (prima composizione)

  • Notturno op.9 n.1

  • Mazurka op.68 n.3

  • Valzer in mi op. post.

  • Mazurke op.7

  • Preludi 1-4

  • Preludi 20-23

  • Improvviso n.1

  • Mazurka op.68 n.4 (ultima composizione)

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